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(did you mean Carpenter's Letter #163?)

TCG Letter #163

J.R.R. Tolkien
W.N. Beard
22 July 1953
Typed Letter Signed
Writing in reply to a letter from Beard (July 16th), Tolkien confirms he has received galleys that were wrongly delivered to his old address at 99 Holywell. His son Christopher now lives there but was abroad, but has someone at the house.

There are very few errors and Tolkien does not believe he will revise any text. He is, however, rather annoyed that the printers have taken it upon themselves to 'correct' Tolkien's spellings (dwarves to dwarfs, elven to elfin, further to farther). Beard will reply on the 24th of July stating that he is appalled that they have done this and will ensure that all costs of corrections will be met by them.

Tolkien is still working 14 hours a day on examination work but it will soon end. He will set to work on the galleys upon the end of it.

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