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(did you mean Carpenter's Letter #167?)

TCG Letter #167 / Carpenter Letter #78

J.R.R. Tolkien
Christopher Tolkien
12 August 1944
Tolkien told his son that he carefully read his letters and that it was right for him to open his troubled heart, but not to think that any part of his exterior life was not of interest.One discovery was that values often lurk under dreadful appearances. Urukhai is only a figure of speech; there are no genuine Uruks, or folks made bad by their maker's intention or so corrupted as to be irredeemable.

Christopher's writings about African, the dryness, dust, and smell of the satan-licked land, reminded Tolkien of his mother. She hated it as a land and was alarmed that Tolkien's father was growing to like it. Man cannot live on bread alone and without bare rock, pathless sand, and unharvested seas he would grow to hate all green things as fungoid growth.

Tolkien felt dry of any inspiration for the Ring, feeling nothing but inertia to be overcome.

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