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TCG Letter #2027

Joy Hill
Mike O'Brien
Late 1969 or January 1970
This letter was published in the letter column of the January 1970 issue (Volume Two, Number One) of Carandaith, the journal of the Australian Tolkien Society. Joy Hill responds to some queries from a fan who asked about a potential film deal with the Beatles, as well as asking about The Silmarillion. Joy Hill had just seen another letter written by Tolkien addressing the film situation, and quotes from that other letter here. Letter from J.R.R. Tolkien to Unknown • June 1969 (#810)[1] She has no further news about a Silmarillion manuscript but will share any news as soon as possible. He is a slow and meticulous writer.

  • The "to" is assumed to be Mike O'Brien, but is not actually reproduced in the issue. The letter column has a subheader "...and some last minute letters from Mike" just above this entry and one other letter. Mike is likely the "Co-Editor and Australian Agent" Mike O'Brien credited in this issue.
  • There is no date given for this letter in Carandaith. The issue is credited as "January 1970" but has a copyright statement of "February 1970" on page 1. The prior issue was published in October of 1969, and given the "last minute" comment in the editorial header for this letter, the date can only be approximately guessed at this time.

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