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(did you mean Carpenter's Letter #223?)

TCG Letter #223 / Carpenter Letter #98

J.R.R. Tolkien
Stanley Unwin
Undated (circa 18 March 1945)
Tolkien expresses deep concern about Rayner, who is off to war, and mentions that his son Christopher has become great friends with Chris Unwin. One of Christopher's group-mates has been killed in his first flight in a Hurricane, and Tolkien is "gnawed out with anxiety." He has sent most everything he has written for the Hobbit sequel to Christopher, but has squandered most of his writing time on letters rather than the book.

Tolkien offers up Niggle, and two other stories, and asks if Farmer Giles is still being considered, and goes on at length about how he wants to get the The Silmarillion published. He closes with a lengthly list of all the other projects he is responsible for.

Douglas Anderson quotes a letterThe Annotated Hobbit (Revised edition, 2002), p.384[1] from Tolkien to Stanley from March 18th that talks about the Foyle's Hobbit dustjacket being "hideous" and a "waste of paper", that is likely this letter, but Carpenter's transcript makes no mention of this subject in his partial transcript.

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