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(did you mean Carpenter's Letter #276?)

TCG Letter #276 / Carpenter Letter #124

J.R.R. Tolkien
Stanley Unwin
24 February 1950
Allen and Unwin sent Tolkien an enquiry from a Mr. Selby asking if he had written an "Authentic History of Faery". After explaining that he had been busy and ill, Tolkien said he could neither imagine nor discover what Mr. Selby was referring to. On a more important topic (to him, said Tolkien), Unwin had expressed interest in his proposed Lord of the Rings. It was now finished, if still not fully revised, and in a condition for a reader to read.

Tolkien reminded Unwin of that work, a long legendary of imaginary times in "high style", full of Elves. His reader many years ago rejected it because it contained a Celtic beauty intolerable to Anglo-Saxons in large doses. Tolkien apologized for so long a letter that was so full of himself. Since Unwin had been so patient for so long Tolkien felt that he owed him an explanation.

In a postscript, Tolkien asked how Rayner was prospering.

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