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TCG Letter #398 / Carpenter Letter #151

J.R.R. Tolkien
Hugh Brogan
18 September 1954
Tolkien opined that part of the fascination with The Lord of the Rings was the incomplete vistas of legend and history.

Brogan preferred goblins to orcs, which Tolkien said was a large question. Personally he preferred Orcs. Tolkien was very grateful to Brogan because only he and the Manchester Guardian seemed to have noticed the verses in the book.

Middle-earth was just the archaic inhabited world of men. It lay as it did since the beginning of the Third Age, round and inescapable, leading to ordinary history. Tolkien thanked Brogan for remembering him and bracing him with his letter.

In the 2023 revised edition of Letters, Tolkien opens with an apology for not answering several letters, and not letting Brogan know of the publication of Fellowship. He mentions that the books are not a "trilogy" as the publisher called them, but a single tale, and then laments about how most reviews are negative in one way or another.

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