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A letter to Mrs E.C. Ossen Drijver, 5 January 1961. One page, both sides. Increasingly impossible to find a hand-written letter with content on his writing. Even more scarce as it includes the original envelope. Contact us for a copy of both sides of the letter. Note- excerpts of this letter can be found on page 303 of the book The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien, 1981. Please, serious inquiries only. contact We have been kindly informed of the importance of this letter, especially as there are differences to the transcript in the book. What is incorrect in the published versions by the way? The published excerpt in Carpenter's Letters of JRR Tolkien (letter #227, p303) isn't greatly flawed with respect to context, but there are four significant deviations which actually have a considerable impact on the study of Tolkien's invented languages. In the two sentences at the bottom of the obverse, in the discussion of the etymology of Númenor, Carpenter's transcription traces the first element to numé-n from the root(s) ndū and nu. This makes it seem as though Númenórë, despite the long-vowel marked with an acute accent on the ú, potentially hails from a root or stem without long vowel (i.e., num-én from nu). This in turn allows one to contemplate that the long vowel on the u might be an emergent property of the compound with nórë ‘land’. But the actual letter clearly has núme-n and nū, and this resolves any ambiguity, showing that Númenórë descends directly from núme-n, ultimately from either ndū or nū. Note, too, that where Carpenter has nórë and twice has Númenórë, the manuscript actually has nóre and (in the second instance, on the penultimate line) Númenóre, both without diaeresis on the final -e. This isn't a grievous deviation, since it only marks a vowel which receives its own pronunciation (i.e., not a silent vowel, nor part of a diphthong) as in, for instance, Noël or Zoë. But this was always optional, as Tolkien indicates in Appendix E of The Lord of the Rings: Final e is never mute or a mere sign of length as in English. To mark this final e it is often (but not consistently) written ë. Carpenter has perhaps understandably opted for consistency with the initial instance of Númenórë (so written by Tolkien) but it's interesting to note that Tolkien was less concerned with mere consistency. To him, the rule that "[f]inal e is never mute or a mere sign of length" trumped the need to consistently mark the e. There are a few other, minor, typographical deviations from the original. For instance, Tolkien actually wrote "summarized" (with a z) on the obverse, wheres Carpenter regularizes this to the more common British spelling "summarised". In truth, though, and particularly in Tolkien's day, both were equally acceptable British orthography. It's only in the US that "summarize" remains the only correct spelling. Thanks again for the images: most kind. Dr Marc Zender Assistant Professor, Anthropology Tulane University If you are looking for truly unique items, please contact us or if you have unique items for sale that are not listed here. We also buy rare Tolkien books and art. Important- Shipping Times this Xmas We do not share the Royal mail’s exuberance on shipping packages. Namely it’s the risk of them getting lost, not simply delayed over Christmas and New Year time. Items ordered for UK shipping this week, 9th-15th December, should arrive on time under the free option. Order now! Overseas customers should opt for the Fast Service at extra cost to be sure it arrives in time for Xmas if it’s a gift. Next week 16th-22nd, UK orders should select the Fast service option if you want it in time, although we can’t guaranty it if ordered later in the week. All orders received after December 20th will not ship until January 6th, again to reduce the risk of them getting lost in the mail. Most of our items are rare. You should still order them as soon as possible before they sell elsewhere. Thank you for your understanding.
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