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This section of gathers interesting items that have been seen on eBay by our members. No guarantees are given for the legitimacy of the items, the trustworthiness of the seller, or the market value of anything shown here. Links to various discussions of the item are provided when relevant. Note: this site uses affiliate links for eBay auctions, which helps defray the cost of the server.

Seller: stresshacker
Ends 2022/7/29 18:32:43
Submitted by: Mr. Underhill
Seller: utahn_bought_and_gone
Ends 2022/7/29 2:53:18
Submitted by: Urulókë
Seller: soabooks
Ends 2022/7/24 11:15:30
Submitted by: Mr. Underhill
Seller: stepsarg_qfkro
Ends 2022/7/12 7:23:32
Submitted by: Trotter
Seller: trepe46
Ends 2022/7/10 18:37:49
[0 Bids]
Submitted by: Trotter
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