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Tolkieniano's book Tolkien's Library

Tolkieniano's book Tolkien's Library

Apr 27 (edited)

This is now available for pre-order from Luna Press Publishing. Written by Tolkieniano, forward by Tom Shippey and a great cover by Jay Johnstone.

More details here. ... brary-is-Now-in-Pre-Order

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Apr 27
That is absolutely great to hear Trotter! Thank you for the update.
Apr 27
I think that this book is a must have for a real Tolkien fan.
Apr 27
I've bought a copy, looking forward to it
Apr 27
I'm really looking forward to this release; hopefully someone can maybe get me a signed copy at Tolkien 2019 too... ;)
[EDIT: Sent you an email - Trotter]

I have to take issue with Luna Press though. Discounting £5 and then charging £9 for postage. Standard Royal Mail nine pounds! What even is that? Postage won't even cost them half that. Ludicrous. In fact, I'm actully holding off pre-ordering because of this. Error maybe?
Apr 27
They've dropped the pre-order postage to £7 which is probably not far off reality since the book is 466 pages.
Apr 27
Somebody is listening Khamûl!!!
Apr 27
Yeh, Francesca from the TS! ;)
Apr 28
Thank you for the link at my book! I hope you will like it. See you in Birmingham.

Oronzo Cilli
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