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Letter to Tolkein from publisher

14 Jul, 2012
2012-7-14 4:24:26 PM UTC

I have a letter dated 30 March 1936 from George Allen & Unwin Ltd to Tolkein enquiring about whether he would edit Clark-Hall’s Beowulf. I have no idea if it has any value or not and if so where and how I would sell it. I would be very grateful if anyone could offer a view on this. I am based in London, UK
14 Jul, 2012 (edited)
2012-7-14 4:30:05 PM UTC
Interesting. I'm sure a few here would be interested in seeing a scan of it. eBay would be your first option; if not someone here may just make you an offer privately.

Post an image of it here if you like.

14 Jul, 2012
2012-7-14 7:09:18 PM UTC
Hopefully an image will be attached to this message

Thank you for the reply

1219_5001c3ce89364.jpg 2481X3508 px
14 Jul, 2012
2012-7-14 7:10:59 PM UTC
Hmm sorry - that is a bit giant ...
14 Jul, 2012
2012-7-14 7:26:49 PM UTC
Cripes! --it's enormous. Very nice; how did you come to own it?

15 Jul, 2012
2012-7-15 4:39:50 AM UTC
My godmother was from 4 generations of journalists. I I inherited her house and stuff years ago. I recently found a box of lots of old papers from her family which had never been sorted and it was in that. I remember my mum talking about a Tolkein connection with my godmother's family when I was a kid but I can't remember what she said which is a shame.
15 Jul, 2012
2012-7-15 10:29:24 AM UTC
MurphySG, may we ask what the name of your grandmother's family is?
15 Jul, 2012
2012-7-15 3:19:44 PM UTC
Hi It is my godmother's family. My godmother was Marguerite Peacocke and her father was Herbert Peacocke, mother Emilie Hawkes Peacocke - both journalists also. Having said that though, I wonder whether the connection, alongside being Oxford was catholicism - they were pretty devout and so was my godmother.I've done a little surfing now and see Tolkein was too. My godmother was a hoarder so I guess that is how this letter survived. My mother would have known more about the connection but she passed away several years ago so that is really all I know.
15 Jul, 2012
2012-7-15 4:18:45 PM UTC
I can't find any connection that Tolkien would have had to any Peacockes, but it is interesting anyways.
28 Oct, 2013
2013-10-28 9:43:11 PM UTC
MurphySG While the Tolkien connection is interesting, I'm actually more interested in your godmother. My great-grandmother was Rose Peacocke, Herbert's sister. I'd love to know more about Herbert and his family. Is there anything you could offer in the way of documents that may be helpful? I can be reached directly at [email protected]
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