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3 Mar, 2012
2012-3-3 10:44:39 PM UTC
Don't know if this qualifies as a lucky find or not, but I found this tucked inside a softcover copy of The Silmarillion. I bought the book some time ago, but never noticed the bookmark until now.

658_4f529ded76d0b.jpg 1174X837 px
4 Mar, 2012
2012-3-4 9:19:19 AM UTC
Yes, I think that counts as a lucky find, Red! Probably not a very valuable one, but luck doesn't have to be about monetary worth.

- wellinghall
4 Mar, 2012
2012-3-4 1:20:50 PM UTC
Yeh, these small surprises are always the best. Like when you find loose gatherings in your 1982 Super Deluxe copy of The Silmarillion!

4 Mar, 2012
2012-3-4 7:38:25 PM UTC
I had a visitor to the library the other day with a family Bible, wanting advice on binding repair. It was a nice Bible, late 18th-century, but laid inside (and not known to the owner) was an unrecorded leaflet, in mint condition, from (I think) the early 19th century, offering a special prayer to relieve the people of Kent, England from some terrible disease then afflicting them. You never know what you'll find.

19 Jul, 2012
2012-7-19 1:49:52 PM UTC
I was happy today to win the HarperCollins Tolkien Family Album (thanks to Khamul for selling me the Houghton Mifflin edition earlier!) for almost the original price on the dust jacket: £13. I was actually a bit surprised to see it didn't go higher, which surely indicates that it is often overpriced.
19 Jul, 2012
2012-7-19 2:15:39 PM UTC
Nice one. £13.28 is a decent/sensible price; there's no particular need to pay more. What are you going to do with the US edition now?

19 Jul, 2012
2012-7-19 2:28:17 PM UTC
I'm glad to have both editions! It shouldn't be only Findegil who collect all English editions (althought that goal is of course far, far away for me -- it's a pity my wife shares no interest in Tolkien!)
19 Jul, 2012
2012-7-19 8:07:41 PM UTC
Here was a lucky find from ebay last Sunday night.

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Seller: glaytham
Ended Jul 15, 2012
This item ended more than 90 days ago

A nice set of early 1st Editions in very nice condition. Price was ok, but in looking thru the photo's I saw something quite interesting. As you can see in the photo of the dustjacket on the 5th impression Fellowship. No impressions noted on the dj. Just received it yesterday, and it turned out to be a true 1st impression dustjacket. So that dj will fit nicely on one of my extra 1st Fellowships that lacked a dustjacket.


609_500868b90d69c.jpg 790X1024 px

609_500868c3b07e8.jpg 594X1023 px

609_500868d044c74.jpg 748X1024 px

609_500868e666aec.jpg 1024X768 px
19 Jul, 2012 (edited)
2012-7-19 9:10:55 PM UTC
Are booksellers allowed to post on Lucky finds?

21 Jul, 2012
2012-7-21 2:43:31 PM UTC
Grrrr Morgan, outbid! Was at work, well done and enjoy!
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