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22 Dec, 2012
2012-12-22 3:06:39 PM UTC
No answer so far, either from Beren or Enotsekra. Oh, well... the latter's name has gone down the pan as far as I'm concerned; and I'm sorry to say that Beren's is getting close to going the same way.

Clearly there is nothing to connect this stuff with the Tolkiens - except the postcard, which was not written by Lin Carter. Bit of a waste of time really, but what annoys me most is the presumption that we ought to believe this rubbish just because we're told it, without any backing-up.
22 Dec, 2012
2012-12-22 4:30:42 PM UTC
Sorry khamul!

Now here is a lucky find. It arrived today and looks better than I hoped. Slight crease on spine but pages tight and clean and it includes the 'friends' label.

I think for £125 is was a bargain and just goes to show they are still out there !

Think my Sil's done now bar red super deuxe edition.

497_50d5dff751544.jpg 2048X1536 px
26 Dec, 2012
2012-12-26 11:52:19 AM UTC
Congrats laurel, I was some minutes too late for this. But perhaps I have more luck with a Methuen Sil next time.

But heres another lucky find. ... _trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649

Though it's hard to find something these days.

5 Jan, 2013
2013-1-5 12:55:47 PM UTC
It appears that somebody has offered £50K for "Tolkien's fireplace", good luck on getting any provenance that it was in the house when the Tolkien's lived there.

I have no reason to think it was

He is still claiming that the postcard, valued at £795 (no indication on who valued it) is by Lin Carter, what an idiot. ... __50k_bid_on_eBay/?ref=nt
5 Jan, 2013
2013-1-5 2:13:06 PM UTC
Wasn't it 'Bruce' who offered that amount, and was turned down? I can't find the ebay page at the moment.

The cynical among us might feel that the seller is just using the non-sale of the fireplace to get an item into his local paper. I agree, he's not likely to sell without provenance - which reminds me; is Beren around?
5 Jan, 2013
2013-1-5 8:17:19 PM UTC
6 Mar, 2013 (edited)
2013-3-6 6:16:14 AM UTC
I'm not sure if this counts as a lucky find but my wife was clearing out some old boxes and found these - ... ienCards1_zps450ca58a.jpg ... ienCards2_zpsa3b0d2c6.jpg ... nJournals_zps177b6e4d.jpg

I remember buying them when a teenager at the same time I bought my first Silmarillion (1977, so I was 16). I even have the original envelopes that came with the cards. I thought they were long gone, lost when we moved house, so I was thrilled when she dug them from the bottom of a box and showed them to me. Now if she can only find my 1978 Silmarillion Calendar that I would have thought was lost at the same time!

P.S. First time posting photos, please let me know if I've done anything wrong.

Images added.

125_5137111628d36.jpg 1024X880 px

125_51371122a9ab9.jpg 1024X825 px

125_5137113072e96.jpg 1024X744 px
6 Mar, 2013
2013-3-6 12:47:25 PM UTC
Thanks very much Khamul.
8 Mar, 2013
2013-3-8 6:31:04 PM UTC
Anyone nab this one on eBay. I think I was a few minutes too late. ... nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557

8 Mar, 2013
2013-3-8 7:24:25 PM UTC
I'm pretty sure it was listed yesterday at some point. To be honest I don't think the price is that incredible. I mean, if that boxset (which does admittedly look in lovely condition; as do all the books) is a set of later impressions, then it's not that unusual to see it go for £10-20. Ditto The Silmarillion --if it's a reprint then I'm not sure you'd be paying that much for it.

I have a spare one of these (the LotRs boxset that is), if anyone wants it...

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