Own A Copy Of ‘Tree And Leaf’ That Was A Gift From Tolkien

A signed copy of the first run, of the first print, of the first edition of Tree and Leaf by JRR Tolkien is to be auctioned for charity at the Burren Tolkien Society Festival.

No it is not signed by Tolkien, it is a printed signature in all copies of the book. I bet he is kicking himself that he did not ask the Professor to sign it, and if it was I'm sure it would not be auctioned.

If you watch the video below, the seller of the auction item seems to think that only a few of the copies had Tolkien's printed signature in them, but they all did.

http://news.mymiddleearth.com/2013/05 ... erfeed&utm_medium=twitter

I think the Burren Tolkien Society should be clearer about this auction, I will look to contact them, but would welcome any other TCG members letting them know.

What do you think about having to pay a fee before bidding on auctions (in this case €50)?