Well found this On Facebook (with some comments)
Daniel Helen on the Tolkien Society:
Why is _Tolkien On Fairy-stories_, published only five years ago (today!), so expensive?
It's over £300 on Amazon
https://fbexternal-a.akamaihd.net/safe ... 28expanded_edition%29.jpg

I'm surprised HarperCollins didn't anticipate higher demand. I suppose it is quite scholarly

David Doughan:
Well, the version edited by Anderson and Flieger is indeed a scholarly work, containing not only the essay itself, but introduction, notes, the two preliminary drafts (and notes on those), bibliography, index ... etc. However, if you just want the essay itself, that isn't expensive - you'll find it together with other things, e.g in _The Monsters and the Critics_, _Tree and Leaf_, or _Tales from the Perilous Realm_.

David Doughan:
However, I have just now looked on Amazon, and that is ludicrous!! £330.00??

Dimitra Fimi Verlyn herself was appalled that this book was only released in the UK and only via a very small print run. I took part in a round table discussion a few years go at Kalamazoo on _Tolkien On Fairy Stories_ and both Doug and Verlyn were unhappy with the fact that the publishers had deemed this book of 'less interest' than other Tolkien publications and had given it limited availability (which might explain the current price...)

Any comment ????