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Tolkien on Linguaphone records (strange version)

3 Aug, 2013 (edited)
2013-8-3 9:49:08 PM UTC

a friend of mine has trouble finding the value (or, actually, any information, especially the date/year it was issued) of the records he recently acquired. It represents the English language course that includes two recordings by Tolkien. Basically all references to it I found so far are of a different version where the records have different cover (the one with copyright text and picture of poeple) while his version is plain text (see the pictures).
He is a great Tolkien fan and would love to find out more about this latest addition to his collection. Would any of you be able to solve this mystery?

10_51fde92f9288d.jpg 480X500 px

10_51fde9370b3e0.jpg 691X480 px

10_51fde9412a377.jpg 720X480 px

10_51fde948a9372.jpg 482X480 px

10_51fde952a52bf.jpg 720X480 px

10_51fde95c3c27b.jpg 482X480 px

10_51fde96638f38.jpg 482X480 px
4 Aug, 2013
2013-8-4 5:43:19 AM UTC
We have had questions about these records before, have a look at this post which may answer your questions ... ost_id=8205#forumpost8205
4 Aug, 2013
2013-8-4 8:49:10 AM UTC
I have seen the other posts, but those are of a different edition. You can see that the cover of the record has a picture of people in it and a copyright text while the version I have has a pure text cover without any copyright. This leads me to an assumption that it might be an older version but I would like to have it confirmed.
4 Aug, 2013
2013-8-4 8:55:31 AM UTC
I can see what you mean, if you look at the two images below from the same record you can see the differences.

10_51fe16f1cb5f4.jpg 431X407 px

10_51fe16ff833e1.jpg 495X491 px
5 Aug, 2013
2013-8-5 2:17:02 PM UTC
If I recall correctly the set your friend has is a 1930s set, while the sets with the other image are 1940s. I've had a 1930s set, but as it was incomplete (booklets missing) I sold it again. I have a complete 1940s set though.
5 Aug, 2013
2013-8-5 4:47:56 PM UTC
Hi, I found the set my friend has here:
Although there is no date specified, so thank you for your input, it is greatly appreciated .
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