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The Wonders of...

The Wonders of...

Feb 16, 2009 (edited)

Having just spent a lot of money on what I think is a rare item, eBay often comes up trumps with what can only be described as What???? ... |65%3A3|39%3A1|240%3A1318
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Jul 28, 2014
Seller: *0cult0* (4563)
Ended Jul 20, 2014
Seller: vcfvcs (247)
Ended Jul 28, 2014
[24 Bids]
Seller: shell_d1990 (390)
Ended Jul 2, 2014
[4 Bids]
How eBay works...

2nd July: £11.75
eBay Item #321440440530

20th July: £50
eBay Item #181468846095

28th July: £150
eBay Item #251596622420

Jul 28, 2014
Seller: worldofbooks08 (1192741)
Ended Jul 28, 2014
or if you did not get the bargain above in the three times it was sold, how about this, third time you sold it would be over £1000.

eBay Item #141360857964
Jul 28, 2014
The 7-volume auctions were all definitely different sets Trotter; look at the the shrinkwrap coverings --all have different holes & stretches on them.

Aug 6, 2014
Seller: erehwonbr (174)
Ended Sep 5, 2014
Why use this picture for ebooks?

eBay Item #221515656649

Not to mention that these ebooks are probably not legally legitimate.
Aug 7, 2014
This first American printing of RotK is a disaster: ... &sr=1-57&keywords=tolkien

The $170 price is almost laughable. I don't think I'd pay $17.
Aug 10, 2014
Seller: harryshoes (2585)
Ended Aug 17, 2014
[10 Bids]
This is an interesting book, a 1st printing with commentary from the original buyer.

eBay Item #221519251942

The original buyer in 1962, stated that "This edition, alas, is spoiled by inappropriate illustrations".

I don't agree with these sentiments, but it is interesting that Pauline Baynes, was still being questioned as an illustrator in 1962.

10_53e7614c9a660.jpg 1200X1600 px
Aug 10, 2014
I too saw this (re-listed; no buyers first time around) & found the marginalia very interesting. Not sure if it's interesting enough to make me want to buy it, but interesting nonetheless. I've been looking for copies of The Silmarillion with contemporary marginalia for quite some time (as early reception of the book itself; & marginalia [as something some readers do] is something I'm very interested in); never seen any copies though...

Aug 12, 2014
Seller: 1973lee1973 (1740)
Ended Aug 17, 2014
[0 Bids]
A great opportunity to grab this eBay 'Acceptable' copy of the Hobbit, though the seller appears to have forgotten to mention that this item is by eBay terms 'Acceptable'.

He does not point out these salient facts, but gives some guidance for budding collectors, and in his excitement forgot to post any pictures of the ex-library stamps.


worthy of any collection
11th impression
would make an excellent addition to any collector / fans collection

some sun marks as per pics and some spine lean, previous owners inscription to FEP, ex-library with stamps, damage to spice(sic) as per pics, some brown (age) spots and dusty page edges

worth much more than the asking price
low starting price, this value only likely to increase with the impending film release.

eBay Item #141373097390

10_53ea6f0b01024.jpg 863X638 px
Aug 21, 2014
Someone got ripped off with this one...

eBay Item #171344306763
Aug 21, 2014
I saw that one. Is it even possible to determine which edition that came from?
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