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Feb 16, 2009 (edited)

Having just spent a lot of money on what I think is a rare item, eBay often comes up trumps with what can only be described as What???? ... |65%3A3|39%3A1|240%3A1318
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Apr 7, 2016
Seller: ussfcarwol (99)
Ended Apr 12, 2016
AU $300.00
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More madness from the same seller. He has quite a few books up and prices are - without exception in the case of the ones with the David Miller slipcases - completely absurd.

eBay Item #222075863485
Apr 7, 2016
Wow that guy is living in dream land with those prices.

Surely nobody is crazy enough to spend that kind of money?
Apr 8, 2016

onthetrail wrote:
Wow that guy is living in dream land with those prices.

Surely nobody is crazy enough to spend that kind of money?

Hopefully not. He is probably looking to recoup the cost of the custom slipcases as well as make a profit. They appear to be nice slipcases (David Miller produces a good product with these, I think), but I personally doubt they actually add much monetary value to a book (much the same way facsimile DJs don't).

With regards to those three map books, I have the 1st impressions of each, and I think they varied from about a pound for the cheapest to three or four pounds for the most expensive. Pretty sure they were all remaindered (without remainder marks). They aren't very good books or maps, IMHO.
Apr 8, 2016
Seller: illumin8uk (528)
Ended May 5, 2016
Seller: teresat3477 (1388)
Ended Apr 15, 2016
Lost for words. I received this set from HarperCollins and wanted to kill it with fire it was so rubbish. In fact, this was the set that stopped me collecting new Tolkien books. Maybe I should put 'em on eBay...

eBay Item #111959342492

eBay Item #351679398687
Apr 8, 2016
Seller: teresat3477 (1397)
Ended Apr 30, 2016
You could also buy this item for £180

eBay Item #351693030654

or buy it for £90 from HarperCollins, possibly cheaper from other on-line outlets ... d+of+the+Rings+Boxed+Set+
Apr 8, 2016
Hmmmm £180 on eBay or £58 from WHSmith??? ... ary-edition/9780007581146

They obviously are just hoping on an idiot with more money than sense!
Apr 8, 2016
Yes, trying to persuade someone elsewhere online who has TT and RoTK from the movie tie-in/special edition set (but is missing FoTR) not to pay more than retail for a copy of the matching FoTR. Unfortunately people look at Abe and eBay and only see these ridiculous overpriced listings and start to think the books are valuable. When in actual fact it is simply that they haven't started to churn onto the secondary market yet.

I looked at my copies last night, and I'm still seething that I paid HarperCollins full price for them. At best one could call them low-end paperbacks badly glued into cardboard/cloth.
Apr 10, 2016
Seller: skwishmi (996)
Ended Apr 20, 2016
Near Fine?..... Yeah, right. The damage from the removed bookplate / library plate (whatever it was) is really pretty nasty and the DJ isn't in fab shape. I don't know why sellers feel the need to exaggerate their gradings so much with Tolkien books.

eBay Item #131758957684
May 5, 2016
I wonder how many times 1973Lee1973 can put the same book up for sale, have it appear to sell and then list it again.

I'm have a feeling it also showed as selling for the 400-pounds-ish price prior to this date range, as that was what flagged me to keep an eye on it and see if it kept popping back up, due to my natural suspicion of eBay sellers.

(and yes, despite appearing to sell again most recently on the 29th, it is back up for sale again today).

Something not quite right here.

228_572bb5cdd4b17.png 1526X2000 px
May 5, 2016
If I recall correctly he claims that they are new/different books but that he just uses the same/old photos i.e. "stock photos". Obviously, that's perfectly possible (& perhaps this is what you're seeing), but it should clearly state that in his auction listings (which it does not).

Either way, it's pretty annoying.

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