The annotated map, ... en_fans_for_one_day_only/, is discussed on BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

"The map used by JRR Tolkien to create the fantasy world Middle Earth for his epic novel The Lord of The Rings goes on public display today - for one day only. The Bodleian library is where Tolkien wrote the book
(sic) and where the map will be put on show. Chris Fletcher is keeper of special collections at the Bodleian Library.

It is about 1 hour 21 minutes into the recording on the BBC web site and can be listened to worldwide.

Oh dear, the text on the One Ring is written in Elvish but Tolkien reads it in the Black Speech of Mordor, not Elvish, very surprised that the curator got that wrong, should know better.

However, on a better note they announce a major Tolkien exhibition in 2018 at the Bodleian.

I have contacted The Today programme about the two mistakes that I am aware of in the broadcast and on the website.