Eru Ilúvatar is a story about the hidden symbolism behind Tolkien´s stories The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion, analysed by a Tolkien specialist, Tolkien language scholar and Lutheran pastor Petri Tikka from Finland. Visually impressive documentary features amazing artworks by well-known Tolkien artist Jef Murray (1960-2015).

Eru Ilúvatar has won several awards in international film festivals.

Finnish broadcasting companies told us that this is not their genré.
So we decided to release this document only in VimeoVOD.

Here is the link to our VimeoVOD page:

Some words from Jef Murray RIP

Many thanks for the kind note. I would be delighted to allow the
use of my paintings and/or sketches in your documentary. All I would
require is acknowledgement, and I'd be happy to work with your production team to get you whatever images might best suit the program.

Thanks so much for contacting me and for considering using my

Nai Eru lye mánata

and later in 2015:
Brava! This is really marvellous! A great, great improvement over the first
translation, plus more polished all 'round. My compliments to you and
everyone else involved with the production!

BR To All J.R.R. Tolkien's and Jef Murray's friends!