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UK Antiques Roadshow 26th March 2017

23 Mar, 2017
2017-3-23 11:27:17 AM UTC

For anyone in the UK, make sure that you watch this weekend's episode, and in particular "the flimsy booklet".

Fiona Bruce and the Antiques Roadshow team head to Burton Constable Hall near Hull, a property filled with family legends and treasures, including a remarkable cabinet of curiosities. Objects brought in by visitors are just as diverse, including a ship's anchor found in a garden pond and a medal given for heroism to a local sailor who helped break Captain Scott's ship out of Antarctic ice in 1901. There is also a rare example of early flat-pack furniture dating back to the 17th century. And for anyone interested in the wisdom of investing in antiques and collectibles, there is a revelation about how a decision to purchase a flimsy booklet proved a much better investment 30 years ago than buying a second-hand car.
23 Mar, 2017
2017-3-23 4:45:38 PM UTC
On what planet was buying a second-hand car ever a decent investment?

23 Mar, 2017
2017-3-23 8:55:50 PM UTC

Khamûl wrote:
On what planet was buying a second-hand car ever a decent investment?


Depends on the car. Classic (or rare) sportscars have skyrocketed in recent years. A few years back, you could get a McLaren F1 for a million quid, now you would get 15-20 million for the same car.

Even low-end supercars like the Gallardo are rising at the moment. 5 years ago, you could pick up an early one for £50,000, and you would be lookinh at closer to £75,000 now. You lose a GIANT amount of money buying one new, though...
26 Mar, 2017
2017-3-26 10:26:31 PM UTC
You can watch this on the iPlayer if you are in the UK, starts at approx 55 mins ... -39-15-burton-constable-1

Songs for the Philologists valued at about £12,000, looks to be a very looked after edition of a very scarce item.

10_58d8400451493.jpg 985X556 px

10_58d84012b5ac0.jpg 982X553 px
26 Mar, 2017
2017-3-26 11:25:52 PM UTC
Looks like quite a heavy weight of paper, which is very useful to know for my facsimile.

Also good to see the level of roughness on the paper edges. Will need to do a similar rough job.

So annoying that I will have to use much whiter paper, but can't have everything, I guess.
28 Mar, 2017
2017-3-28 7:09:07 PM UTC
Interesting to hear you're making a facsimile, Stu, I'm eager to see the result!
29 Mar, 2017
2017-3-29 3:24:38 AM UTC

Onónion wrote:
Interesting to hear you're making a facsimile, Stu, I'm eager to see the result!

I actually did all the work a while back and got stymied in terms of A3 paper that was off-white, so I put it on the backburner. I'm just going to go ahead and accept that the paper will be a bit bright and get it printed. The A3 card I have for the cover looks like a good match, based on the video.

I can see that "*Feower: twa" on SYX MYNET needs to be a fraction bolder than I currently have it. My original scan of that page was a bit rough, so the bolding wasn't that obvious. Will sort that and get the damn thing printed.

Pictures from an early prototype.

228_58db28ec7163b.jpg 1577X1600 px

228_58db28f705443.jpg 1600X1200 px

228_58db2929b1c90.png 1500X989 px
31 Mar, 2017
2017-3-31 5:58:44 PM UTC
Looks wonderful!
4 Apr, 2017
2017-4-4 6:19:23 AM UTC
Another item was on this weekend, 2 Tolkien letters from 1956, about 14:30 minutes into the episode. ... 9-16-bbc-caversham-park-1

The 5th November 1956 letter is in Hammond & Scull Chronology (page 496) but the 11th November 1956 is not listed as yet.

10_58e33a048755a.jpg 982X550 px

10_58e33a1211264.jpg 992X562 px
4 Apr, 2017 (edited)
2017-4-4 10:31:57 PM UTC
Here's a link to the clip with the letter for those outside the UK:

[JEREMY EDIT] - had to delete the link due to copyright. Sorry!
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