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The Hobbit first brazilian edition

27 Dec, 2017
2017-12-27 11:38:35 AM UTC

Im selling this edition of the hobbit. It was published in 1974 been the first tranlation of the book in Brazil.

1946_5a43863b9a4b6.jpg 3264X1836 px
27 Dec, 2017
2017-12-27 6:08:42 PM UTC
You may want to supply some more pictures and give a price that you want for the book?
28 Dec, 2017
2017-12-28 12:05:06 AM UTC
My price is: 60 USD plus shipping cost.
This edition is not easy to find even here in Brazil.

1946_5a4433e4ea2c2.jpg 3264X1836 px

1946_5a44344548b6f.jpg 3264X1836 px

1946_5a443476097ee.jpg 3264X1836 px

1946_5a4434b1e30ba.jpg 3264X1836 px

1946_5a443529a2a54.jpg 3264X1836 px
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