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Tom Shippey talk

Tom Shippey talk

Oct 2 (edited)

Tolkien's turning point: Tolkien and the history of tongues

Tom Shippey's lecture will move from the detail to the (eventual) design of Tolkien's languages, and even the philosophical issues embedded in Tolkien's fiction.

Professionally speaking, Tolkien was a philologist, interested above all in the history and relationships of languages. Personally speaking, he was a self-declared 'niggler', who took immense pains over details. It was a vital moment when he solved a problem, which would have bothered few authors of fantasy, to do with the history and relationship of the languages of Middle-earth. It was this which opened up The Lord of the Rings to its full scale and sweep. ... lkien-and-history-tongues

Oct 4
So when is Tolkien's Lost Chaucer out then?

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Oct 5
Perhaps someone should start writing Bower's Lost Tolkien's Lost Chaucer?

(Only kidding, looking very much forward to that book!)
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