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Wanted: Mike Makras Dwarf Figures

Wanted: Mike Makras Dwarf Figures

Feb 26

Hello everyone. I missed out on the recent ebay auctions but I am looking for a few of the dwarf chess piece figures by Mike Makras. I need Dori, Ori, Thorin, and Dwalin. I know they're pretty rare but if anyone happens to have any of those to sell, or even if the people that won the recent auctions just want to make a quick profit please let me know.
Mar 6

101_5c7f584d3dc80.jpg 2736X3648 px

101_5c7f58f693762.jpg 2736X3648 px

101_5c7f59fde7c46.jpg 2736X3648 px

101_5c7f5ac7bdbbf.jpg 2736X3648 px
Mar 6
He looks awesome! If you'd consider selling let me know how much you're looking to get as is love to add him to my collection.
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