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Midsomer Murders

24 Mar, 2019 (edited)
2019-3-24 7:54:45 AM UTC

I was watching this episode of Midsomer Murders

Does anyone what the black item is, on the upper left of the HC Hobbit and Lord of the Rings box-set?

I don't think it is a book.

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24 Mar, 2019
2019-3-24 2:36:10 PM UTC
Can't get there to see.
24 Mar, 2019
2019-3-24 3:45:40 PM UTC
It is in the picture, next to the HarperCollins boxset of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.
24 Mar, 2019 (edited)
2019-3-24 4:30:54 PM UTC
As the title is in landscape, it's on a box, not likely a book. The title font is JLR (Jackson derived/associated product:JLR) Based on the size of that box set, maybe a Trivial Pursuit game.
24 Mar, 2019
2019-3-24 4:45:06 PM UTC
I'm not sure, this was filmed in a real bookshop, probably at the start of 2008, the box possibly states The Lord of the Rings Collector's M******, does it says Medals, which might fit?
24 Mar, 2019
2019-3-24 4:56:35 PM UTC
No not my Trivial P.
The subtitle as I squint maybe Tolkien's ?? Maps Models??
24 Mar, 2019
2019-3-24 5:54:06 PM UTC
Hey Trotter and Arbor!

It is Lord of the Rings Collectors Models box by Eaglemoss. Cheers!
24 Mar, 2019
2019-3-24 5:54:55 PM UTC
actually a binder, not a box:)
24 Mar, 2019
2019-3-24 5:55:39 PM UTC
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24 Mar, 2019
2019-3-24 9:13:22 PM UTC
How many dozen people died in that episode before there was only one possible suspect left? Worst detective ever.
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