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Uk Antiques Roadshow 1st September 2019

Sep 2

They have a competition called Basic, Better & Best.

All the items are first printings with dust-jackets, apart from Harry Potter as it is a paperback.

The correct item was obvious to me but did they get it right on the show?

If you are in the UK you can watch this on ... ies-42-morden-hall-park-1 from 28 mins

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Sep 3
I was watching it live as it were, a nice copy by looks of it and good to see . Valuation a little under par maybe.
Sep 7
Hopefully, most people have seen this by now, if not spoilers.

Three items for Basic, Better & Best.

Basic - Matilda by Roald Dahl, first edition hardback with very nice dust-jacket.
Better - A UK first printing paperback of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Paperback printings were 5150 for first printings, plus 500 identical first printing hardbacks, 300 hardbacks were sold to libraries.
Best - 1954 1st/1st Fellowship of the Ring, 3000 copies in a very good dust-jacket,

If they had shown a hardback Harry Potter in good condition, then I think that would have won.

I also think the valuation of the FOTR was low, with the dust-jacket that was shown.
Sep 7
I agree, valuation for FoTR in this condition is too low. A very nice example.
Sep 8
Previously they've been a bit prone to overvaluing Tolkien books, have they not? I seem to recall them talking up something quite ordinary before; maybe a RU set or something, can't remember. Or maybe it was a mid-60's H. Either way, I remember thinking "Thousands of pounds?! You can pick these up on eBay for a few hundred..."
Sep 9
I know someone who collects Harry Potter books and they think the valuation shown was very undervalued for the Harry Potter paperback. I agree with Khamûl, this is unusual and I wonder why? The expert has set the challenge so should have a good idea of current prices.
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