I looked at this article again over the weekend from GCHQ, formally Bletchley Park, about inviting Tolkien to attend for an interview, and that he was 'keen' to join.

https://www.gchq.gov.uk/features/jrr-t ... n=20180922&pk_kwd=tolkien

I contacted them today with the following

I'm surprised that this article has not been updated, as it is now believed that J.R.R. Tolkien was not 'keen' on working at Bletchley Park, as the article states.

'keen' was most likely added after his name to help staff pronounce his surname correctly as Tol'keen'.

Could you update the article please, to at least mention, this much more plausible explanation as to why 'keen' is written next to Tolkien's name?

Loved the response

"Thank you for getting in touch

We read all emails, and will do our best to ensure that you receive a response. Where appropriate, your email will be forwarded to the team responsible for the matters you have raised.

We appreciate your interest in the work of GCHQ."

Living in the UK, I often thought that GCHQ did read all my emails, but very good of them to confirm it