Hey all,

so I'm a newcomer to this site, and as such, I apologize if this has been posted before. Feel free to delete this post if it's a duplicate or something.

I was browsing for some custom Tolkien slipcases (thinking of making my own 'Great Tales of Middle-earth' set) and I've found these for The History of Middle-earth.

I have the books as 3 omnibus editions, with dustjackets (not the deluxe edition). I saw that the publisher's supplied slipcase (for that and the 2017 deluxe) is underwhelming in design - it just has the JRRT monogram on two of the sides, and nothing else.

Well, if you want something a little nicer to house them in....

- 12 separate UK hardbacks (these looks like the HarperCollins print-on-demand editions though I'm not 100% certain): https://www.tolkienbookshelf.com/pages/books/762/j-r-r-tolkien/custom-leather-slipcases-for-the-history-of-middle-earth-uk-12-volume-series

- 3 omnibus editions (with dustjackets), the same editions I own: https://www.tolkienbookshelf.com/pages/books/1515/j-r-r-tolkien/custom-leather-slipcase-for-the-3-volume-history-of-middle-earth