Hello all,

As I know what a challenge it can be to narrow in on Italian printings of HarperCollins Deluxe volumes, I thought I'd share my success. I took a chance on an Amazon seller who had two copies up, listed as Very Good despite the fact they're in shrink. Sent them a message asking how they came upon these books, how long they'd had them, etc. I wasn't actually convinced, but the price is $59.99 with free shipping to the US, and they assured me of their return policy should it turn out to be Chinese.

Sure enough, mine came today, and turned out to be Italian! The shrink had obviously seen some wear going from one store to the next, but overall I'm happy with the condition for the price. Don't know how much longer it'll be up, but I thought I'd alert you kind folks here first. Doubtless, the majority of you already have your copy, but it might help the odd newcomer.

FWIW, I have no affiliation with this shop. Just wanted to (potentially) save someone else some trouble hunting around.