Whilst I'm not saying this auction is subject to shill bidding, this particular seller regularly uses private listings, as in this case. There is no reason for using private listings other than to make it completely impossible (as opposed to very hard) to detect shill bidding. I personally treat auctions that use private listing with extreme care (and I'd personally never buy from this particular seller, but that's just me).

The golden rule is always decide that the maximum is you are prepared to pay. NEVER exceed it. NEVER bid in advance and use a bid-sniping service to bid at the very last second. It doesn't fully protect you, but it makes for a high chance that a seller engaging in shill bidding will win their own auction and have to re-list (with some BS about the buyer having pulled out...).

Seller: cv00030
Ended Oct 6, 2020
[37 Bids]
Submitted by: Stu