I have a complete set of every Deluxe 1st printing, Lego printings for all that were made, except the beloved Complete HoME box set. I found one guy who had a Clay's first, and was willing to settle for that, but then he backed out of the deal for unknown reasons. I have an assortment to offer in exchange to any kind soul willing to part with one of his. If you have the boxed set, and you're interested in something here, or multiple things, I will happily take detailed pics of any that you are after. Links to pics or details of the particular editions. All in unread excellent shape unless otherwise noted.

1975 Gawain & the Green Knight This one shows its age a tad with a slightly bent back cover.

1976 HMH 2nd Edition LotR trilogy. I can't understate how crisp and nice these are for being so old.

1977 Rankin/Bass Hobbit Hardcover (Missing acetate dustjacket)

1978 Rankin/Bass Hobbit Softcover

1985 Monsters & Critics

1981 Letters from J.R.R. Tolkien

1983 Book of Lost Tales 1, 2nd print

1994 HMH Poems and Stories

1997 Tales from the Perilous Realm 1st Edition, 1st Print

2000 Hobbit Collector's Edition Read.

2001 Silmarillion Collector's Edition. Read.

2007 Children of Hurin 1st print.

2007 Children of Hurin Deluxe Slipcase 1st print(2 copies)

2007 History of the Hobbit Boxed Slipcase set 1st print

2007 History of the Hobbit Part 1, and Part 2 Both 1st prints

2007 The Silmarillion Deluxe 1st print

2010 Unfinished Tales Blue Wizards Paperback(yes, that one). Read.

2014 60th Anniversary Trilogy & Reader's Companion (missing slipcase)