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15 Mar, 2021
2021-3-15 12:39:16 PM UTC
Interesting, Amazon UK shows the fold-out poster included with the deluxe as "White Ships to Valinor". I kind of prefer the new one though. Does it differ for different copies or does Amazon's listing just show the wrong image?
15 Mar, 2021
2021-3-15 12:43:15 PM UTC
It is double sided, "White Ships to Valinor" is on the other side.
15 Mar, 2021
2021-3-15 12:53:57 PM UTC
Looks great Trotter!

Thanks for posting this next to the previous editions so we can get a sense of size and color.

I think HarperCollins really has nailed it with the slipcases for these last two deluxe releases.
15 Mar, 2021
2021-3-15 1:30:04 PM UTC
Looks stellar! I love the bright orange colour. I'm very happy they're moving away from the drab, dull colours of the last series. Can't wait to handle my own copy!
15 Mar, 2021 (edited)
2021-3-15 2:22:47 PM UTC
A darker/duller orange (like this: ) would've been better, but it's not awful.

Interesting that the art print is double sided: I was expecting one side to be 'White Ships....' and the other to be the map. Then again.....the Unfinished Tales one featured a double-sided print (maps of Beleriand on one side, and map of Middle-earth on the other) and a single-sided one (Alan Lee's Numenorean Ships).

Looks great, I'm really glad that this particular design style was able to be completed, in having The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales. I recommend the standard editions without question to anyone looking for Tolkien titles in hardback. Tales From the Perilous Realm is getting re-issued this year, under a new ISBN. At this time, we don't know if it'll feature other 'staples' as these new illustrated editions, such as a ribbon marker and coloured ink. Either way, I'm sure it'll look great alongside them on the shelf, even if it's just a reissue, down to a T of the 2008 edition.

Thanks for 'showing' new products like this on the forum, and happy collecting Now, for the 2022 Calendar..... (early last March we got details of the 2021 Calendar, so hopefully not much longer! Looking forward to publication date, and cover art)
15 Mar, 2021
2021-3-15 2:34:27 PM UTC
So excited for this one! I've been rocking my small mass market paperback edition for years in hopes of a new illustrated edition!
15 Mar, 2021
2021-3-15 2:38:12 PM UTC
Spine photos of the new illustrated hardbacks.




15 Mar, 2021
2021-3-15 3:22:55 PM UTC
These work very well together.
Notified the 13th my orders from Nov 12 were canceled for some payment glitch!? Now on the way they say.
15 Mar, 2021
2021-3-15 4:16:13 PM UTC
Yay, they look beautiful! My order from Blackwell's is dispatched already, but it will take around a month to arrive
15 Mar, 2021
2021-3-15 5:19:47 PM UTC
Kennys marked my order as dispatched. Fingers crossed... 59€ shipping to Italy included seems a little bit too good to be true
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