Good day all,

Did my best digging through the posts and couldn't find an answers.

Got a question from a friend who owns the 2014 illustrated edition of The Lord of the Rings (1-book edition by Alan Lee) for those that are familiar with errors:
He has a second printing ("2") printed in South China (forget the printer's actual name - could even be 'South China Printing Company')

Before I proceed, I'm aware of the Hammond & Scull errata and coringa, though I couldn't find the information there pertaining to that edition.

I remember hearing about an error on that edition's map (Rohan, Gondor, and Mordor. I believe there's 1 or 2 rivers spelled with a 'K' instead of a 'C'....? I remember reading that it was 'Kelos' instead of 'Celos' or something...). His edition also does not credit Alan Lee as the illustrator on the main title page (see this photo -> . see that big white space in the bottom portion?)

Does anyone know what other errors have popped up in that edition?
My friend says I'm the biggest Tolkien fan that he knows, so I wanted to pass his question on to this forum. He's going to jot down any others on a notepad for corrective reference while reading.

Thanks! 🙂