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22 May, 2021 (edited)
2021-5-22 4:24:56 AM UTC
An Introduction to Old Norse, by E.V. Gordon. Second edition (1957). Tolkien read the proofs and made suggestions/corrections to the text, and is thanked by Gordon in the Preface. Gordon was once Tolkien's student, and later became friends and collaborators, together they published their Sir Gawain and the Green Knight edition in 1925.

I was looking for a textbook on Old Norse, and Urolóke pointed out this one, so thank you!

Plus, this same copy was previously owned by Murray Gell-Mann, 1969 Physics Nobel Prize and father of the quark model ! I absolutely geeked out when I found this copy: Old Norse, Tolkien and Physics combined!

5161_60a8858911059.jpeg 1945X2058 px

5161_60a885a45e63e.jpg 1549X1958 px
22 May, 2021
2021-5-22 4:59:56 AM UTC
Since joining this site, it has been a pleasure to see some of these rare and unusual books...
26 May, 2021 (edited)
2021-5-26 9:19:11 AM UTC
Received two beautiful single prints from Ted Nasmith yesterday. 'the ships of the faithful' and 'last sight of Hobbiton'. The ships in 'ships' might be a tad too viking-ish but its still one of my favourite pieces by Ted.

The Ships of the Faithful

Last Sight of Hobbiton
27 May, 2021
2021-5-27 2:03:57 AM UTC
Second impression (1924), but still nice to have. Nice overall condition.

228_60aefe0dda839.jpg 2016X1512 px
27 May, 2021
2021-5-27 4:31:47 AM UTC
Unbelievable condition!
27 May, 2021
2021-5-27 4:43:43 AM UTC

Entshelm wrote:

Unbelievable condition!

Yeah, I bought it sight unseen and it was classed as "good", so I wasn't sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised.
28 May, 2021
2021-5-28 6:36:28 PM UTC
First Swedish edition LotR -59,-60,-61. Quite rare to see with preserved dust jackets.

5168_60b1380d0cff8.jpeg 4032X3024 px

5168_60b1380d0f727.jpeg 2171X4032 px

5168_60b1380d10cf1.jpeg 4011X2530 px

5168_60b1380d13382.jpeg 2084X4032 px
28 May, 2021
2021-5-28 6:41:20 PM UTC
Very interesting! What do they get 'reverse translated' into, going from that language to English??

Side note: I like how translation can SLIGHTLY be different. Example - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in French was "Reliques de la Mort", which translates to "Relics of Death." Because of that, I thought that they were another name/expression for the horcruxes (IE, "Prisoner of Azkaban" is Sirius)
28 May, 2021
2021-5-28 6:46:59 PM UTC
Well “saga” can mean fairytale but also saga as in the Icelandic sagas (more epic story). So my translation would be
The saga of the Ring
The saga of the two towers
The saga of the return of the king

Confusingly both “The Felloship of the Ring” and the complete “The Lord of the Rings” are referred to as Sagan om ringen.
28 May, 2021
2021-5-28 7:02:37 PM UTC
Very nice looking set. Congrats. Still on my want list.
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