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28 Sep, 2021
2021-9-28 8:07:53 AM UTC
I agree with you: a buyer should know if what he gets is not licensed!

However I believe this kind of files should be made available for the Tolkien community.
28 Sep, 2021
2021-9-28 11:06:44 AM UTC

Berelach wrote:

onthetrail wrote:

My concern is not about copyright as I frankly could care less about it for an item like this. I just want to hear it to be honest.

My issue arises if the seller is selling a CD-r copy of the cassette recording which would then be a generation lower than the cassette. If I am buying a bootleg then I want to know.

Right, the fact that a buyer doesn't know what to expect is the main issue I think, yeah? It should be made clear in the description, otherwise it's deceptive.

Exactly, I just want to know what I am buying and the description does not offer anything concrete.

As it turns out, I was contacted privately by someone who bought the CD-r themselves and it is indeed a bootleg of the cassette. This is not an assumption that the seller does not have permission to sell the recording, just that what they are selling is a copy of the cassette and therefore a lower generation.
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