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Identifying typesets of The Hobbit Fifth Edition 2001 reset

Jan 27 (edited)
2022/1/27 20:40:05 (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time, London, Dublin, Lisbon, Casablanca, Monrovia

I started a blog/project called "The Quest of the The Hobbit" (a reference to Tolkien's work "The Quest of Erebor" with the text per se as the destination of this endeavour). Its main purpose is to identify and catalogue textual variants (loci) in editions and texts of the book to trace the history from the First up to the Fifth edition and to identify those variants whose reading could be further corrected for a new edition. This thread is a part of that.
I have now a table with more 300 loci, and counting, and I'll put all of them online in the coming months.

Meanwhile I'm trying also to do textual analysis. Here for exemple a preliminary (and frequently updated) charts of relationships between different editions.

This thread is about this post: Identifying typesets of the Fifth Edition 2001 reset (5β).

I identified 6 typesets (one with a key variant) for printed books and 2 for ebooks, of the 2001 text of The Hobbit. In the post you can find a table with 13 loci to easily identify each typeset.

I'm here to ask you two things:

1) feedbacks, comments, etc..

2) help me - if you want - to complete the catalogue checking books and impressions (e.g: the HarperCollins’ 2012 Collector’s Edition in the 13th impression has 5β-2020, in which impression they first switched from 5β-2004?) I don't own.

Remember that this is for books based on the 2001 reset () only. I'll soon post a similar table for those based on the 1995 reset ().

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