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Middle Earth Roleplaying Game, foreign boxes

30 May, 2022
2022-5-30 7:36:28 PM UTC

I collect role playing games, especially MERP, but I'm thinking of reselling a good part of what I discovered. I have two American boxes, the first English box, the German one, the Swedish one, the Japanese one, and two bound books for the Spanish versions.
I can also give away a French box (I am French).
Here is the group picture, most are in very good condition (uncut), but I will clarify their condition and post or transmit other pictures if some are interested.
I prefer to sell the whole lot.

Thank you guys !

UK - Japanese - Swedish
US2 - US1 - German
and the 2 spanish books.

5455_62951b9307b0f.jpg 512X559 px
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