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2 Sep, 2022
2022-9-2 9:51:43 PM UTC
New illustration from Alan Lee.

Gil-Galad Crosses the Misty Mountains

10_63127ac902174.jpg 1298X2048 px
2 Sep, 2022
2022-9-2 10:03:16 PM UTC
This painting is absolutely fantastic. Alan Lee truly is a master of watercolour painting.
I can see he's continuing to add some ornaments to the borders, like he did for the new Folio Society edition. PErsonally I like it a lot.
3 Sep, 2022
2022-9-3 4:17:09 PM UTC
I agree !
Passionate about mountains (I have always lived in the mountains in the northern Alps) and practicing mountaineering, I'm particularly sensitive to illustrations that take place in the mountains and I must say that I really like the atmosphere of this painting
5 Oct, 2022
2022-10-5 7:10:54 PM UTC
Additional photos, including two illustrations have been uploaded on Amazon.

5057_633dd6ab2c8f7.jpeg 300X300 px

5057_633dd6ab2cb6a.jpeg 300X300 px

5057_633dd6ab2cc71.png 500X500 px

5057_633dd6ab2cf08.png 1500X1500 px
5 Oct, 2022 (edited)
2022-10-5 7:22:16 PM UTC
Looks like a beauty. I like what they are doing with the endpapers.
5 Oct, 2022
2022-10-5 7:49:55 PM UTC
Oh nice. I agree with Mr Underhill.
11 Oct, 2022
2022-10-11 5:43:21 AM UTC
Samuel West tweeted about attending a memorial for Priscilla Tolkien.

and confirmed that he is doing the readings for the Audiobook along with Brian Sibley


HarperCollins; Unabridged edition Audio-CD (10 Nov. 2022)
isbn 978-0008537876
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The Fall of Númenor: and Other Tales from the Second Age of Middle-earth

HarperCollins (2023-02-02)

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11 Oct, 2022
2022-10-11 8:18:34 AM UTC
The preorder for the audiobook was available at the same time of the actual books and they did predict it was available on the same day as the book publication in November. It has now been revised to say February next year.
16 Oct, 2022
2022-10-16 4:46:48 AM UTC
This was posted on Facebook by David Brawn (HarperCollins). It was a comment on a long thread, and now I can’t find the original to link to it, sorry.

4557_634b888f4abfa.jpg 960X960 px
16 Oct, 2022
2022-10-16 8:24:55 AM UTC
Love the colour of the deluxe. Was waiting for a dark orange / rust colour in this collection for a long time !
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