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For sale in Indian Subcontinent Only

27 Jan, 2023
2023-1-27 11:12:10 PM UTC

Hi all. I'm not really that bothered but interested to know if something I just spotted suggests I have bought a dodgy copy? It's good quality binding etc.
It's The Fall of Gondolin BTW.

5567_63d45a28890da.jpg 4624X2084 px
27 Jan, 2023
2023-1-27 11:13:25 PM UTC
Ps I don't live in the Indian subcontinent
27 Jan, 2023
2023-1-27 11:16:17 PM UTC
27 Jan, 2023
2023-1-27 11:17:43 PM UTC
Cheers for that. Weird that it was sold as new in UK.
27 Jan, 2023
2023-1-27 11:18:31 PM UTC
Maybe someone in the UK bought it on a trip to India.
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