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28 Jan, 2023 (edited)
2023-1-28 2:27:37 PM UTC

Hi, got this Tolkien tapestry by Cor blok.

The book is number 466 of 500, signed and I just opened it to confirm the number and signature.

I am looking to sell it and also a valuation. I get it's worth a few hundred.

Looking for £400.

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28 Jan, 2023 (edited)
2023-1-28 4:07:45 PM UTC
History of middle earth part 1.

This is in perfect condition, looking to sell for £600 o.v.n.o

I will cover postage and next day delivery tracked.

*Mod: Please PM this member if interested. Do not reply on the thread.

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28 Jan, 2023
2023-1-28 8:55:54 PM UTC
Children of hurin is a first print so looking for £100

The rest I'll take £50.

I opened these books up to see if they were newer or not

5602_63d58b955cce4.jpg 3072X4080 px

5602_63d58b955d946.jpg 4080X3072 px

5602_63d58b955e571.jpg 3072X4080 px
10 Feb, 2023
2023-2-10 2:35:42 AM UTC
Hey so update from previous post, I have for sale several books I'm looking to get rid of. I will probably cover p&p to the uk if it's international then buyer needs to cover the cost.

A Tolkien tapestry £400 + p&p

The deluxe editions £50 with the exception of sir Gawain which is a first print (£80)

The silmarillion illustrated deluxe edition - £100

The lord of the rings anniversary edition - £30

The silmarillion anniversary edition - £40

Thanks for looking. If any questions feel free to ask and I'll gladly help anyway I can. I have sold 6 or 7 books so far elsewhere and I do try get the books shipped the same or next day.

5602_63e5ad63c4d2a.jpg 3072X4080 px

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