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Super Deluxe The Children of Húrin for sale

22 Feb, 2023
2023-2-22 3:33:17 PM UTC

I'm selling a copy of the Super Deluxe The Children of Húrin, copy number 254 of 500. I think this is probably the best quality Tolkien book ever produced.

It is still in the original box from HarperCollins and is unopened.

As such, I can give no guarantees on the condition of the book and the clamshell case, other than it is exactly as it left the printers.

I will probably list it on eBay in two weeks time (at a higher price because of fees), but I am willing to sell it for £1,800(GBP) plus P&P.

This is £270 less than the copy that has just sold on eBay and unlike that copy is still unopened in the original mailing box. It will be sent in a separate box, so if you wish to keep it unopened, you can.

If anyone is interested, then please PM me.

22 Feb, 2023
2023-2-22 5:46:26 PM UTC
This is provisionally sold
22 Feb, 2023
2023-2-22 8:01:46 PM UTC
That was fast!
22 Feb, 2023
2023-2-22 9:26:31 PM UTC
If people did buy 'spare' copies when these were originally for sale from HarperCollins, this does look like a good time to think about selling them.
22 Feb, 2023
2023-2-22 9:39:22 PM UTC
wonder how many people have spare investment copies?
22 Feb, 2023
2023-2-22 11:46:29 PM UTC
I couldn't resist it, they were so lovely! I agree with Trotter about the quality.

707_63f6a91468d8b.jpg 4032X3024 px
23 Feb, 2023
2023-2-23 8:18:56 AM UTC
Hmm, previous ebay sale must have fallen through

Back on sale again with a more detailed revised listing
23 Feb, 2023
2023-2-23 10:09:07 AM UTC
You are lucky, Roccondil !
I was too young to buy the book at that price when it came out, and I can no longer afford to spend the huge amounts required by sellers to acquire a copy now. I'm afraid I'll have to content myself with seeing them in photos in other people's library
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