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26 Mar, 2023
2023-3-26 7:25:43 PM UTC
A copy of the 1980 ROTK with the Edelfeldt cover has come up on Tradera with a buy it now price of c. $15.

Also if someone wants a FOTR from the same 1980 printing, I've got a spare one (with a cracked spine but otherwise good condition) - happy to send anywhere for just the cost of shipping + a padded jiffy bag
26 Mar, 2023
2023-3-26 9:28:14 PM UTC
Thank you for those leads.
3 May, 2023
2023-5-3 6:58:35 PM UTC
This might be of interest to those of a completist bent - a 1980 edition of The Hobbit in Swedish:

I'm not sure how unusual it is, but I'd not seen this edition before. Potential scarcity aside, it seems a high price considering the poor condition.
8 May, 2023
2023-5-8 6:08:11 AM UTC

northman wrote:

With the arrival of the paperback version of the first swedish edition of LotR I realized I have what now amounts to a kind of mini-collection from my neighbouring country
Truly an impressive collection, northman! I know after some of my own searching how special most of these are.
17 May, 2023
2023-5-17 5:23:22 AM UTC
A seller on has just listed all three of the paperback volumes of the Swedish translation of LOTR - all being the 1980 editions with the lovely Inger Edelfeldt covers.

They're listed individually but total is SEK 180 (c. $18)

If anyone needs any help with e.g. condition description or sale practicalities, feel free to send me a message. ... =1&q=Tolkien&qs=Bokdungen ... =1&q=Tolkien&qs=Bokdungen ... =1&q=Tolkien&qs=Bokdungen
30 May, 2023
2023-5-30 4:39:18 PM UTC
If anyone is looking to collect Swedish editions and is just starting out, this listing would be a real boost:

It has the relatively uncommon slipcase as well.
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