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Recent acquisition: The Monsters and the Critics

3 Jul, 2023
2023-7-3 8:29:44 PM UTC

Got this rather nice copy from Amazon. In pretty good condition and the only indication it is ex libris is the reasonably neat sticker over the stamp.
Really happy with it.

5567_64a32fab14292.jpg 4624X2084 px

5567_64a32fab144b5.jpg 4624X2084 px

5567_64a32fab144f1.jpg 4624X2084 px

5567_64a32fab14528.jpg 4624X2084 px
4 Jul, 2023
2023-7-4 3:38:23 AM UTC
A very nice example. Congrats! I have one of these on the way as well.
4 Jul, 2023
2023-7-4 2:45:53 PM UTC
Cool, enjoy! I do love a hardcover book. Hopefully they will redo Finn and Hengest plus Sir Gawain in trade hardbacks soon. I'm holding off buying them as the originals are so expensive and hard to find a good one at a decent price. Plus I suspect that Sir Gawain original has been updated as e.g. the deluxe version has 240+ pages vs the original 142 pages?
4 Jul, 2023
2023-7-4 2:53:30 PM UTC
That said if the difference is only the lecture in The Monsters and The Critics...........
4 Jul, 2023
2023-7-4 4:16:20 PM UTC
Just bought a 1975 edition of the Sir Gawain hardcover from Oxfam. In good condition from the photos. Had a tax rebate so why not!?
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