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Looks like some more Narnia films are being made

3 Jul, 2023
2023-7-3 2:10:03 PM UTC

There would be other adaptations in her future—she has a deal with Netflix to write and direct at least two films based on C. S. Lewis’s “The Chronicles of Narnia” ... aiding-its-entire-toy-box
4 Jul, 2023
2023-7-4 3:48:38 AM UTC
I love Narnia! I really hope that this brings CS Lewis’ books back into print in multiple fashions! Easton Press and Barnes and Noble had some wonderful leather editions. I’m excited!
4 Jul, 2023
2023-7-4 11:05:05 AM UTC
Speaking of Narnia editions, are there any nice editions that keep publication order?
4 Jul, 2023
2023-7-4 3:06:10 PM UTC
I love Pauline Baynes ilustrations, and have the facsimile box-set from HarperCollins but also really like the Puffin paperbacks of the series. Highly recommend both.
5 Jul, 2023
2023-7-5 4:35:51 AM UTC

ibid wrote:

Speaking of Narnia editions, are there any nice editions that keep publication order?

Honestly there just aren't very many "nice" editions of Narnia, let alone editions that keep the publication order. :(

I have a Juniper Books set which I think is currently the best on the market that is still in print. A lot of stuff on ebay out of print, but also far out of the 'casual' price range. Most of CS Lewis's works are just cheap paperbacks. Even his religious stuff.
5 Jul, 2023
2023-7-5 12:55:21 PM UTC
My wife loves The Chronicles of Narnia, so I bought her a used Folio Society set a few years back. She loves them!

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