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Tolkien Collector's Guide
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20 Aug, 2023
2023-8-20 2:01:43 AM UTC
Thanks all, and yes very sharp eyes there. A library that is fast wrapping around my dressing room. Bare walls are a premium in my house.
The humbling legacy however is to find an heir or institution over the hopefully many years ahead. Although the cats do love it when the doors are left open...

The 1/1/1&1 US are in orig dusts, the UK 1sts in facsimiles.
Am still on the hunt for a Nelson 1st and then the usual scan for brighter and redder-spined editions as they come.

This is cookie.

5478_64e17376236c5.jpg 3000X3000 px
20 Aug, 2023
2023-8-20 3:24:01 AM UTC
>the rest of the collection. Aug 2023 edition.

5478_64e1864aacc34.jpg 2160X3840 px

5478_64e186d8d5059.jpg 1354X4000 px

5478_64e186f9118a0.jpg 1453X4000 px

5478_64e187086d317.jpg 2102X4000 px
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