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Persian Tolkien books from Iran

16 Sep, 2023
2023-9-16 3:58:06 PM UTC

I just came across a great Tolkien fan site from Iran:, they even have a periodical!
Following the rabbit hole I find out there are so many Persian Tolkien books: ... %d9%84%da%a9%db%8c%d9%86/, including S, UT (with Guide to Names in LR), CoH, FoG, Tom Bombadil, Tree and Leaf, Atlas of Middle-earth. The latest one is FoG in July 2023. Here is a video:
I suppose they are all unauthorized, as Iran has not joined the Berne Convention, and seems to only have 30-years-after-death protection for domestic authors.

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5215_6505cf2105247.jpg 1707X2560 px

5215_6505cf2105286.jpg 578X895 px
17 Sep, 2023
2023-9-17 3:55:36 PM UTC
Very interesting! I am curious if there are any original illustrations included..!
18 Sep, 2023
2023-9-18 3:14:10 PM UTC
It seems none of them has, a great pity. The fan site also doesn't seem to have many great fan arts, I can only find these: , ... 8%B4%D9%85%D8%A7/page/36/ ,
18 Sep, 2023
2023-9-18 7:29:24 PM UTC
If you need any more info on anything published in Iran I am sure you can contact this Tolkien fan - she now lives and works in Japan as a game designer/ illustrator and speaks decent English as well - adding to the fact that she is the founder of
19 Sep, 2023
2023-9-19 7:22:07 AM UTC
Thank you zionius.

I figured this is likely the case - but worth exploring !
2 Oct, 2023
2023-10-2 11:59:03 AM UTC
This is great information. It looks like they've got a full LOTR plus Hobbit set for sale. I'm definitely going to check out the ins and outs of ordering from Iran to the US. Thanks for sharing this.
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