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The creation of a masterpiece: Luthien by Ted Nasmith

16 Oct, 2023
2023-10-16 6:40:19 PM UTC

Ted Nasmith's painting 'Luthien' - which first appeared in the 1990 official Tolkien calendar - is a personal favourite of mine. If I am honest, it is my single favourite piece of Tolkien-related art (not including the work of Tolkien himself). I was very fortunate to be able to purchase the archive of drawings Ted did for this painting very recently: they had been 'lost' for maybe 30 years. The figure of Luthien is said to be based on a dancer friend of the artist. Personally I am fascinated by the creative process of great art, and it was therefore very interesting to see first hand the stages that the composition went through.

I reproduce the images here for others to enjoy. They have not, as yet, been published (and they are therefore only reproduced here with the permission of the artist, so please do not post elsewhere without his permission). I also include the image of the final painting for comparison.

5216_652d7fb67cc8e.jpg 1992X2771 px

5216_652d7fc40b1bb.jpg 3264X2448 px

5216_652d7fd2517c9.jpg 2420X1963 px

5216_652d7fe1c533f.jpg 2022X3264 px

5216_652d7fec969bd.jpg 2123X2617 px

5216_652d80006ab2c.jpg 3143X2364 px

5216_652d800bb9bd2.jpg 2954X2130 px

5216_652d80179012a.jpg 1832X2525 px

5216_652d804250654.jpg 2850X2284 px

5216_652d804722619.jpg 2433X1928 px

5216_652d805c50c1c.jpg 2128X3046 px

5216_652d809d44ef1.jpg 1743X2438 px

5216_652d80d548964.jpg 2269X2906 px

5216_652d81564891f.jpg 1841X2725 px

5216_652d81ac090db.jpg 2831X2410 px

5216_652d81ca8f0fa.jpg 2040X3057 px

5216_652d820e63557.jpg 827X1300 px
17 Oct, 2023
2023-10-17 12:10:48 AM UTC
Congrats on this superb collection of drawings. I also like seeing the preliminary work that leads to the finished pieces.
17 Oct, 2023
2023-10-17 12:18:59 AM UTC
Brilliant to see. Thank you.
17 Oct, 2023
2023-10-17 8:01:40 AM UTC
Thanks for posting this. Very interesting to see the background work.
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