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New purchase - is this a 1st impression Fourteenth Century Verse & Prose?

4 Nov, 2023
2023-11-4 5:24:42 PM UTC

Hi everyone! I bought this copy of Fourteenth Century Verse & Prose in a second-hand bookshop today, for not very much. The title page of book shows MDCCCCXXI and the Middle English Vocabulary shows MDCCCCXXII. I think that this may be a first impression with A Middle English Vocabulary bound in at the back, but happy to be proved wrong (or right). See attached photos. Thoughts, questions or comments gratefully received.

707_65467bc56aba1.jpg 4000X3000 px

707_65467bd6b03a5.jpg 4000X3000 px

707_65467c2405df9.jpg 4000X3000 px

707_65467c3daf822.jpg 4000X3000 px
4 Nov, 2023
2023-11-4 7:10:21 PM UTC
Hi Roccondil!

This is indeed a first impression, congrats for the find. :)


4 Nov, 2023
2023-11-4 7:41:27 PM UTC
Does your copy have a printed page of corrigenda at the end of Tolkien's text?
4 Nov, 2023
2023-11-4 8:12:39 PM UTC
This, you mean?

707_6546a57bee4f4.jpg 4000X3000 px
4 Nov, 2023
2023-11-4 8:17:40 PM UTC

Roccondil wrote:

This, you mean?

That's the one. Defitnitely a first state, as Lokki said.
4 Nov, 2023
2023-11-4 8:23:41 PM UTC
Yeah, I have one too. MDCCCCXXI (for those of you that don't know) is latin for 1921 which is the year when first impression was issued.

4 Nov, 2023
2023-11-4 8:31:24 PM UTC
Wow! What a great find. Congrats! I love finding Tolkien's scholarly works.
4 Nov, 2023 (edited)
2023-11-4 8:53:24 PM UTC
Yes, nice find.

I have a 1st printing without Tolkien's MEV (in the navy blue binding) and a reprint with his MEV (a rarer navy blue binding here as well, with jacket). Would love to find a combined 1st Printing one day.

For those who may not be aware, you can read more about Sisam and Tolkien's combined efforts here.
5 Nov, 2023
2023-11-5 8:45:57 AM UTC
Thanks everyone for your comments and help yesterday. I am so happy to add this book to my collection and even more happy that this shows that there are still exciting finds to be had on the shelves of those second-hand bookshops!
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