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Fæder his suna: Tolkien letters to Christopher

6 Dec, 2023 (edited)
2023-12-6 9:50:56 PM UTC

Hi all. I was asked if I could put a simple table together listing the known Fæder his suna letters which Tolkien sent to his son Christopher during WW2. Attached is that table for anyone who might find it useful, or at all interesting.

It is a work in progress and will updated as and when I have more information.

Any feedback, corrections, or ideas are very welcome.

Tolkien's FS letters to Christopher Tolkien v4.pdf
6 Dec, 2023 (edited)
2023-12-6 10:44:28 PM UTC
Thanks to Aelfwine for the correction on the final nine entries which should read 1945, not 1944

Corrected PDF added to first post.
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