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Books and prints for sale

24 January (edited)
2024-1-24 1:16:53 AM UTC

I am looking to get a value and possibly sale 2 books I have.
1 is a LOTR 48/200 centenary edition 1992. I bought in Australia.
The second is a hobbit limited edition of 2500 copies printed.
Thanks in advance for any help.
The books have been a sitting in my cupboard for 20 odd years and it is time for someone else to enjoy them.

5791_65b064d716f73.jpeg 1280X720 px

5791_65b064d716fee.jpeg 720X1280 px

5791_65b064d71702f.jpeg 720X1280 px

5791_65b06547b16dd.jpeg 1080X1920 px
24 January
2024-1-24 1:50:40 AM UTC
Welcome to the site. 🙂
As with all books condition is key to determining value.

Your 1990s deluxe Hobbit looks like a 1st print based on the slipcase and copyright page, these come up for sale not all the time but do show up on the market every so often and tend to sell for a few hundred US dollars.

Your one volume centenary looks to have some condition issues, slipcase, spine lettering, etc…but is pretty scarce and we don’t see these all too often in the market (maybe one or two a year) and these tend to sell for one or two thousand dollars US.
24 January
2024-1-24 2:10:45 AM UTC
Thanks for information. I am very out of touch with all this, so appreciate the help.

I will just have to wait and see what happens with any interest.
24 January
2024-1-24 3:02:36 AM UTC
I have some prints I bought back in the 1990’s. Again like my books they have been sitting in the cupboard.
Does anybody have any idea of the value(if any)?

Thanks in advance everyone

5791_65b07dccdec8e.jpeg 720X1280 px
24 January
2024-1-24 3:43:13 AM UTC
These sets are not rare, and come up for sale quite often. The Silmarillion set is the most valuable.

Also, FYI. You don’t need to create a new thread for each of these items, you can just reply to your previous thread.
24 January
2024-1-24 5:51:37 AM UTC
Ok thanks, may I ask what you might think the silmarillion prints would be worth?

24 January
2024-1-24 6:09:49 AM UTC
You may get more than this, but AUD 50-60 for the Silmarillion and AUD 30-50 each for the others.
24 January
2024-1-24 6:26:12 AM UTC
Thank you
27 January (edited)
2024-1-27 9:58:19 AM UTC
Hi guys

I am listing my LOTR book at $1700AUD
And The Hobbit at $700AUD

I am still keen for someone to enjoy my 2 books in their collection. As mentioned I bought them 20 years ago and they just sit in my cupboard now.
I am serious about selling them, so please message if you are also serious about buying them.

5791_65b4d396967c0.jpeg 1080X1920 px

5791_65b4d39696832.jpeg 720X1280 px

5791_65b4d39696871.jpeg 1280X720 px

5791_65b4d396968ad.jpeg 1080X1920 px
27 January
2024-1-27 10:10:48 AM UTC
No need to create a new thread for this, just reply to your previous posts. You are welcome to sell them on eBay and post the links to the Auctions here as well.
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