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SILM: Pirate Editions

Sep 4, 2009
2009/9/4 15:18:16 (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time, London, Dublin, Lisbon, Casablanca, Monrovia

Anyone else have a pirated Silmarillion? Just looking for comparison. I have (a couple of copies of) the Bookcase Shop Taiwan edition (as per Hammond); cream cloth boards; with (copied) UK priced-domestic jacket.

I also have a US copy (unfortunately without dj), which states on copyright page that it is a 'First Printing', 'First American Edition'; or at least copied from the US 1st/1st. Does anyone have this with a dj?/or have any further information on it?

Four pictures below. The last photo is of the Bookcase copyright page for comparison.


125_4aa12e94e8b6d.jpg 2016X1512 px

125_4aa12edfb8804.jpg 2016X1512 px

125_4aa12f12291a0.jpg 1512X2016 px

125_4aa12f432f072.jpg 2016X1512 px

125_4aa12f7025ee8.jpg 1512X2016 px
Sep 4, 2009
2009/9/4 19:27:10 (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time, London, Dublin, Lisbon, Casablanca, Monrovia
Thanks for posting this

I have seen lots of the Bookcase Shop Taiwan "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings" in US copied DJ's but did not know that they also ripped off "The Silmarillion".

Did the Tolkien Estate/George Allen & Unwin/Unwin Hyman/Harper Collins/Houghton Mifflin ever take action against this outfit?

Sep 7, 2009
2009/9/7 14:24:35 (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time, London, Dublin, Lisbon, Casablanca, Monrovia
(Trotter) I've noticed that Hobbit (1972?) Taiwan pirate copy on eBay Buy-It-Now for a while now (or something like that, if I recall). I'm not that interested in them besides the Silmarillion copies.

The Bookcase Shop copy is stated to be authorized. And, is in Hammond under the Billing UK domestic entry as authorized by GA&U. Although, with both errors corrected, it presumeably wasn't actually taken from the Billing printing, but more likely the Clowes 2nd impression; Hammond entered it here, I'm sure, as Bibliography doesn't have seperate entries for each impression with different printers for reasons of space etc.

There is no mention of the US pirate. I'm sure it came with a dj; I've seen other dealers mention a US pirate with a dj. Both errors are present & uncorrected in this red-covered copy. Does anyone know when these two errors were corrected in the US Silmarillion? Between the 1rst & 2nd impressions? Not that it matters in this respect, as the copyright claim (that it is from the US 1rst printing) would appear to be correct.

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